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Joe Patterson

Multi-instrumentalist, singer & composer

A Musical Journey

Joe Patterson is a multi-instrumentalist composer and singer creating music in Panamá and Portland, Oregon.  He is a master of many styles on the violin, mandolins, and piano.

Joe Patterson playing a violin

His music is influenced by folk, classical, jazz and rock; all blended to craft his special style of music. 

Joe’s musical style might defy categorization but is American with hints from life on the beach covered with soaring melodies that let your imagination fly.

As with any musician, teaching and performing are an important part of your career.  Joe enjoys having a small studio of students of all abilities which not only passes along the musical tradition but also gives a lot in return. 


You can watch  Joe performing live every Sunday at 6:00pm Panamá time on YouTube and Facebook.  Joe also performs locally in Panamá as a solo act or with his band FiddleJoe and the Fisherman. 


In Portland, Joe returns to his classical training and joins the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra as part of the mandocello section.

More about Joe

 As wonderful and fulfilling as it is to create music, there is more to life. 

Joe lives in Panamá with his wife of 30 years, Becky. 

He is an avid off-road cyclist and has a YouTube channel for the videos of his bike rides on the beaches and in the mountains.  Joe also enjoys walking and swimming in Panamá with Becky.  When in Portland there is lots of time for walking and riding bikes as well as enjoying the great food, wine and beer culture that exists in the Rose City.  Joe feels very lucky to have his life and music to share with you. 


Please share his music with your friends.

Singer songwriter Joe Patterson holding a violin upside down in front of his face

Joe has written, composed and produced three albums -

A Bowl of Noodles, A Day In Life and his latest album Caribbean Country.

Have a listen to the songs below or click Buy Album for the full tracks.

Fiddle Joe's Caribbean Country album cover showing Joe standing on rocks playing the violin, with waves crashing around him
Fiddle Joe's A Day In Life album cover showing Joe playing a mandolin on the beach
Fiddle Joe's A Bowl of Noodles album cover showing a fork with a violin scroll-shaped handle in a bowl of noodles and musical notes

Filmed on the beautiful shore line of Playa Gorgona, Panamá, watch Joe perform The Fisherman Song, his inspiration for this piece was found while watching the Fishermen go out to work everyday and then return home and wondering what they are thinking about...

Fisherman Song

Fisherman Song

Watch Now
Live streams

See Joe's live streams every Sunday at 6:00 PM EST (Panama)

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Fiddle Joe sat at a keyboard and microphone presenting a live stream
Live Streams

Each week is a different show featuring my original music, standards and video from wherever Joe is traveling in the world.

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